[ Exercise 1 ]
  1. The number of banks charging their customers ATM user fees are increasing.
  2. The majority of the committee feel that the right decision was made.
  3. Time as well as temperature are important during the batch process.
  4. The professor told the student that he needed to finish early.
  5. The graduate assistant conducted the experiment. Time and the amount of pressure applied to the conductive material were essential to success; however, it lasted too long.
  6. Different criteria often conflict with each other, which implies that simultaneously optimizing different objectives is relatively difficult.
  7. The Taguchi approach combines experimental design techniques with quality loss considerations and the average quadratic loss is minimized as well.
  8. Engineers must either combine all inputs to create the output of a product or the parameter values must be set so that the product's performance remains unaffected.
  9. The notions can be simply modified by implementing the following procedure:
    Select the levels that maximize SN.
    Estimate the slope of the linear regression model.
    The control factors and the adjustment factors must be identified.
    Identify the control factors that significantly affect the variables.
    The target must be adjusted as much as possible.
  10. To simulate the program, precautions must be taken by the engineer.
  11. As a graduate student, my academic advisor gave me much valuable advice.
  12. Before examining all of the available options, the decision was made to initiate the plan.
  13. The proposed procedure corrects dimensional distortion and errors better.
  14. Our company prefers that organization more than their institute.
  15. The new company is as competitive, if not more competitive than, existing ones.
  16. When a student is preparing for an examination, you should get plenty of rest before the test.
  17. The professor prefers using a calculator to estimate costs instead of using a pen because they can more easily add numbers.
  18. The graduate student recorded the data and then writes a summary report.

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