(Exercises 8 to 11 in Advanced Copyediting Practice for Chinese Technical Writers by Ted Knoy)

[ Exercise 8 ]
  1. The machines can process the family of parts, ensuring that it reaches full capacity.
  2. All parts have the same transportation costs, which limits the effectiveness of traditional approaches.
  3. The team attempts to optimize the thickness by minimizing the variation and maintaining the desired mean. This accounts for why the effects of process parameters on the silicon nitride deposition process are studied.
  4. In previous literature, they do not examine the feasibility of incorporating PS into SA to develop a more efficient stochastic optimization approach at such times as the two variables are constant.
  5. The department chairman told the research assistant that she needed to perform the simulations in the event that the experiment fails.
  6. Deterioration is set to a constant fraction of the stock level, which implies that shortages are not permitted and the demand rate is assumed to decrease exponentially.
  7. When a machine is assigned to a manufacturing cell, it attempts to reduce the total cost.
  8. The posterior objective concentrates on balancing intracell and intercell machine loadings, which allows us to formulate the cell formation problem as follows.
  9. Factors C, D, F, G and H significantly affect the response average. This indicates that F can be adjusted based on the target value.
  10. You should maintain a constant cutting speed even though the effective diameter of the cutting changes during machining.
  11. In most previous investigations, they do not consider the simultaneous effects of deterioration and inflation.
  12. A numerical example demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed method, which further indicates that the total system cost will be incorrectly estimated if the deteriorating effect and/or inflationary effect are neglected.


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