(Exercises 16 to 19 in Advanced Copyediting Practice for Chinese Technical Writers by Ted Knoy)

[ Exercise 16 ]
  1. To succeed in the laboratory, diligence is essential due to the fact that many experiments are necessary.
  2. Before submitting a graduate school application, the institution should be selected.
  3. Pressing the start button prior to operations, the machine turned on.
  4. When simulating the environment, the outcome yielded some surprising results.
  5. The program contains the proposed itinerary that was implemented yesterday.
  6. The container held by the experimenter with many leaks must be replaced.
  7. To select the levels of the design parameter, the effects of the noise factors must be minimized.
  8. Analyzing the SN ratios, the optimal settings can be determined.
  9. When taking an examination, the questions should be answered as thoroughly as possible.
  10. To excel in academics, determination is necessary.
  11. While conducting an experiment, the timer went off and Jeff took the sample from the oven.
  12. Taking into account all of the circumstances, the decision on how to deal with the issue was reached by the academic committee.

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