(Exercises 20 to 23 in Advanced Copyediting Practice for Chinese Technical Writers by Ted Knoy)

[ Exercise 20 ]
  1. Our algorithm is more accurate with respect to computational time.
  2. The chemistry department cooperates with local industry more than their department.
  3. The novel material is as strong, if not stronger than, available ones.
  4. The research department's productivity is higher than the administrative division.
  5. The two step-procedure assumes that the sample standard deviation is proportional the sample mean.
  6. The novel material described herein has a higher withstanding temperature.
  7. The university stresses discipline more than the institute.
  8. The peak is as high, if not higher than, other ones.
  9. The form of the fitting function should be defined in advance adopt the regression method effectively.
  10. The trade school's dropout rate is lower than the university.
  11. Temperature more significantly affects the product's shape.
  12. Our laboratory manager emphasizes punctuality more than our division director.

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