(Exercises 24 to 26 in Advanced Copyediting Practice for Chinese Technical Writers by Ted Knoy)

[ Exercise 24 ]

  1. When a student is preparing for an examination, you should get plenty of rest before the test despite the fact that intelligence plays a major role.
  2. The graduate student recorded the data and then writes a summary report.
  3. Turn on the machine if conditions are such that a hazard might occur and the valve should be closed.
  4. It is noted that the academic advisor asked the graduate student if thepaper was completed and is it ready to send to the journal for review.
  5. It is interesting that the laboratory manager arranged the meeting and the discussion was led by him.
  6. It is possible that the researcher completes the experiment when you can not obtain any more valid results.
  7. The architect gives each program its separate address space and, in doing so, prevented an error that causes one program to fail from interfering with other programs running concurrently.
  8. The consumer realizes that the trackball is the ideal choice to make when they purchase a user interface of this type.
  9. Execute the necessary commands provided that they are valid and the program should be reviewed.
  10. The manager instructed the employees to arrange the final details and also is the final program ready to print.
  11. The speaker commented on the importance of participating in international events and then the meeting was adjourned by him.

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