(Exercises 27 to 28 in Advanced Copyediting Practice for Chinese Technical Writers by Ted Knoy)

[ Exercise 27 ]

  1. Modification of environmental technologies transferred from abroad for the local industrial sector is performed by the research institute.
  2. Accurate prediction of the boundary parameters by mathematicians is of heavy emphasis.
  3. An outline of how to install the software program is made in the following section.
  4. A thorough description of the environmental impact on the ozone layer was made by Smith (1985).
  5. Contributing factors to rainforest depletion include overpopulation.
  6. Awareness of external factors that contribute to industrial pollution must be known by the urban planner.
  7. No significant variation between the two temperatures occurred.
  8. It is impossible to forecast all potential workplace hazards.
  9. There is no need for the assessment of the production capacity of the factory floor to be undertaken by the foreman.
  10. Carpooling can be arranged by means of a designated driver if conditions are such that commuters to the same workplace live in close proximity to each other.
  11. A definite decision about future plans should not be made until a major breakthrough in product development occurs.
  12. It is well known that telecommunications technologies happen to be expanding rapidly for the purpose of satisfying the growing consumer demand.

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