Class One Write for Conciseness

[ Exercise 1 ]

  1. All inputs are combined by engineers to create a product.
  2. Three phases of analysis are included in their approach.
  3. A statistical comparison is made of the proposed procedures with Taguchi's two-step procedure.
  4. A more efficient combination among the factor levels is achieved when the control factor is continuous.
  5. Factors causing saturation include temperature, volume and weight.
  6. The Taguchi approach entails minimizing the average quadratic loss.
  7. There have been a considerable amount of studies on robust design.
  8. There is a significant difference in control levels for the parameter settings.
  9. The committee made a decision on the question as to using an individual mouse or a trackball would be more productive.
  10. As a general rule, mice and trackballs serve the function of being both used for the same reason.

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