Class Three Use Active Voice Frequently

[ Exercise 4 ]

  1. Modification of the heuristics was made by Lacksonen and Enscore (1993) to solve the dynamic layout problem.
  2. Minimization of total operating costs is achieved by a planning horizon.
  3. A description of the layout cost evaluation method is made by introducing the following notations in this section.
  4. Precise measurement of neural networks by practitioners is a heavy emphasis of computer vision systems.
  5. Numerical analysis is performed in this study on the effects of the inflation rate and the deterioration rate on stock inventory.
  6. The manager can be assisted by the proposed model so that the order size can be precisely determined.
  7. The temperature is increased by uncontrollable factors, as indicated in the experimental results.
  8. The proposed model can be further extended in a future study so that more realistic assumptions can be incorporated.
  9. A more detailed description of the three design types is provided in Kackar and Phadke (1991).
  10. The GRG algorithm may be difficult for users with limited statistical training to implement.
  11. The server is notified by the website manager that retrieval of the data must be performed by the account holder.
  12. Verification of the data accuracy is required by the site manager so that quality control within a factory is ensured.
  13. Consumer preferences are markedly affected by advertising.
  14. Various options are generally made in user choice.
  15. Provision of textbook materials should be offered by the instructor.

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