Class Five Use Verbs Instead of Nouns

[ Exercise 8 ]

  1. Difficulty is encountered in explanation of the method to inexperienced engineers owing to its computational complexity.
  2. Simulation of the program is performed in this study.
  3. A slight increase occurs in the deposition rate.
  4. Knowledge of how the variables are distributed is not re- quired by novice engineers
  5. Not only is the variability of the control factors considered by the proposed procedure, but implementation of related tasks is performed by that same procedure.
  6. A recommendation of using iterative least squares (ILS) as a simple method for analysis of censored data was made by Schmee and Hahn (1990).
  7. Normalization of operations is achieved by a simple calculation of the scores.
  8. Improvement of the condition is achieved by variation of the control factors
  9. A recommendation is made here that the program be simulated by the engineer.
  10. The operator made a reservation of the ticket for me.
  11. The system performs an assignment of the weights to the variables.
  12. The next phase performed an examination of the unknown factors.
  13. Assessment of a student's willingness to study by an instructor is possible through the closely examination of his or her academic performance.
  14. Solution of environmental problems is heavily dependent on responsiveness of the local community to governmental legislation.
  15. Promulgation of accurate information to the public can not be done by conventional approaches.

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