Class Seven Create Strong Verbs

[ Exercise 12 ]

  1. No significant difference in production occurred between the two factories.
  2. The industrial output was not significantly different between the two age groups.
  3. The temperature is only a little affected by the fluctuation of the value.
  4. An increase in parameter k causes the optimal ordering quantity to decrease.
  5. The larger the TOPSIS value, the better the product quality is implied.
  6. The larger the target, the higher the accuracy.
  7. The engineer must make an adjustment of the parameters so that accuracy can be ensured.
  8. This article makes a comparison of several industrial strategies in order to ensure market competitiveness.
  9. Modification of the process by the engineer is required so that completeness can be ensured.
  10. Networks are prevalent in every part of society.
  11. Network topology is a reference to how the computers are physically attached to each other.
  12. The board of directors must take action based on its authority.

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