Class Eleven Delete Redundant and Needless Phrases

[ Exercise 20 ]

  1. It is well known that a majority of Taguchi method applications have the capacity for addressing a single-response problem.
  2. It may be said that computers have the ability to incorporate kinds of equipment in order that the user is in a position to interact with the computer.
  3. It is a fact that the network cards have the opportunity to be upgraded to meet the connection speeds in the event that the campus upgrades 100Mbps hubs and routers.
  4. It is evident that the college is able to make an informed decision through means of understanding the capabilities and cost difference for both 10Mbps and 100Mbps.
  5. It has been found that any error that might happen will be more destructive in light of the fact that XYZ applications is in a position to make direct calls to the hardware.
  6. It has long been known that the logon between the workstation and NT server is encrypted considering the fact that an eavesdropper actually wants to gain the ID and password.
  7. It is our opinion that Windows 95 is for all intents and purposes a good operating system in a situation in which the user has many requirements.
  8. It is possible that the error affects the necessary requirements when attempting to ascertain the location of the variables.
  9. It is noted that 10Mbps network cards are basically becoming obsolete for the reason of their slow data transfer rates.
  10. It is interesting to note that monitoring features in most cases inform the user provided that a performance bottleneck occurs.
  11. It is the operator who makes a determination of the questions as to the phase should be implemented.
  12. There is a guideline that makes a provision of the necessary requirements.

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