Changing dates or itineraries

2.10 Changing dates or itineraries

November 21, 1994
Dear Mr Brown,

Thank you for your fax dated November 16. Acknowledge the arrangements already made for the technical visit Much appreciation goes out to Mr. Smith for his help in arranging our visiting schedule.

Change in schedule and reason why After discussing this matter among our colleagues, however, we have decided not to extend our tour to include Germany since there is not enough time to obtain our German visas or to allow Dr. Jones to schedule a visit that would fit Mr. Smith's schedule.

Alternatives for the schedule change Could you arrange for us to visit some local industrial heat pump system manufacturers to fill in the open day on our visiting schedule? Compressor system companies that manufacture systems for heat pumps or vapor recompression would be equally well suited to our visiting purposes. Information regarding the variety of available heat pump systems would be quite useful for our future promotion of such systems.

Final details of scheduled visit The time for our trip is drawing nearer, and we need to know a convenient time for us to visit during the morning of the 7th? I understand that at this time you may not be able to finalize our visiting schedule at this point but, can you provide us with a tentative schedule that we can report to our superiors?

Thanks in advance for the arrangements you have already made. I hope that these last minute changes do not create too much of an inconvenience.


2.11 Changing the date of a technical visit

April 15, 1993
Dear Dr. Smith,

I have received your letter dated March 29 regarding a technical visit by two UCL staff members to your esteemed company. Acknowledge the arrangements already made for the technical visit Thank you for the arrangements you have made so far. Explain why a change is necessary However, the week of May 17-24 is not quite appropriate for my staff because they have prior committments. Propose alternative time for visit I was wondering whether the week of May 10-17 would be acceptable to you. If so, Mr. Lin and Mr. Wu can schedule their flight to arrive in Melbourne on May 8. Could you please provide them with an itinerary so as to process their foreign visit applications?

I look forward to your prompt reply.

Sincerely yours,
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