Requesting company information

5.2 Requesting company information

July 27, 1992
Dear Tom,

I sent you a fax, dated July 17, that requests the following information:
1. A list of USA or global catalyst manufacturers, including:
a. company names, adresses, telephone and fax numbers, and
b. product lines and sales records for each product.
2. Information on n-butene skeletal isomerization to iso-butylene. I know that ABC Corporation, DEF Corporation, GHI Corporation (Skeletal process), and JKL Corporation (BLISS process) are the global leaders in this field. The last company may already be in the pilot plant or demo plant stage.

I urgently need the above information. I appreciate your kind attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

5.3 Requesting company information

April 22, 1993
Dear Mr. Jones,

UCL is a member of the PEP & CEH Program at ABC International. We have ordered your multi-client report on Metallocenes. Mr. Smith (after visiting UCL on May 21) suggested that we contact you regarding licensing information. We would like to know which company is interested in licensing their technology. Could you please let me know as soon as possible? I appreciate your assistance.

Yours sincerely,
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