Inviting consultants or guestworkers

3.6 Inviting a consultant or guest worker

November 14, 1994
Dear Dr. Lenin,

Previous contact or correspondence Quite some time has passed since you visited our laboratories in June of 1993. I hope that all is going well at your institute. As to the scientific and non-scientific collaboration progress between Russian and Taiwan, R.O.C., with the signing of the MOU, the time seems right for cooperation between ABC Institute and CMS/ITRI. I'm sure you recall our conversation in which I told you that the first thing we could do is to exchange scientific experts. More specifically, I would like to propose the following:

Propose that consultant or guestworker come to your institute Please recommend one scientific expert to serve as a short term consultant at CMS. Background qualifications for consultant or guestworker Naturally, we would like someone whose expertise is highly relevant to the following subjects:
1. acoustical standards, and particularly, the reciprocity calibration of microphones
2. the design philosophy of microphones and hydrophones.
This expert must also be fluent in English. Lecture topics that the consultant or guestworker could cover He or she could stay at our laboratory for roughly two weeks, and lecture on the following topics:
a. The progress of Acoustics in Russia (2 hours)
b. Microphone design: general and guidelines (3 hours)
c. Hydrophone design: general and guidelines (3 hours)
d. Other topics related to acoustics (optional)

We would offer round-trip airfare from Moscow to Taipei and accomodations in Taiwan during the consultancy period. An honorarium for the seminars would also be included. If you have such a candidate available or if you should have any comments about this proposal, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,
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