Guest worker applications

4.1 Guestworker applications

January 14, 1994
Dear Professor Smith,

Your current position Allow me to introduce myself. I am a researcher in the Department of Component Technology at the Center for Measurement Standards (CMS), which is similar to ABC Institute. Educational background I am an engineer with a master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering and have received special training in thin film deposition photolithography and chemical etching. Current projectI am currently designing a process that integrates these technologies for the development of a pressure sensor that is based on a metal thin strain gauge. We plan to miniaturize this sensor in the near future.

How their organization meets your organization's research or manufacturing interests Our laboratory would like me to receive training in micromachining technology, e.g., wet/dry silicon etching and silicon to silicon fusion bonding. I hope that your laboratory, one of the leaders in this field of research, can provide me with the opportunity to learn about sensor manufacturing technology. Proposed itinerary during your training I wish to learn about sensor manufacturing technology at your laboratory for three months this year, preferably during March through June. Pressure sensors and related technology are what we are most concerned with. Financial arrangements The proposed format is that of a self-supported guest worker at your laboratory.

Reference(s) By the way, I have an aunt living in a nearby Cupertino. Her name is Dr. Lin Mei Mei and she can be directly contacted at (408)1234567 (tel) or (408)2345678 (fax). She can provide further clarification, if necessary.

I would greatly appreciate your comments regarding this proposal. Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to our future cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

4.2 Guestworker application

July 4, 1991
Dear Dr. Jones,

Your organization's current need The Pressure/Vacuum Measurement Laboratory at the Center for Measurement Standards is planning to develop the primary pressure standard (PPS) of the mercury manometer so as to promote and strengthen our laboratory's pressure measurement capability. Their organization's ability to assist you We have heard that your group has much experience in research involving the PPS of the mercury manometer. Request for guest worker positionWould it be possible for me to serve as a guest worker in your laboratory? If granted such an opportunity, my primary objective would be to study how to design and set up the mercury manometer PPS.

Background information of your organization Our institute, the Center for Measurement Standards, a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, has been entrusted with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining national standards and traceability systems. We also provide calibration services, technical consulting, and metrology training to the local industrial sector.

After reviewing your literature, I find that the systems and projects of your laboratory, especially the mercury manometer, are quite compatible with my interests.

Time schedule of guest worker period A six month period as a guest worker would probably be the most appropriate time frame. If my application is accepted, I can start no earlier than October and end no later than May 1992.

Enclosures Attached please find my personal resume. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

4.3 Guest worker applications

August 23, 1991
Dear Ms. Brown,

Current position and academic background (including attached resume and recommendation) I am a researcher at the Center for Measurement Standards, a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Instiute, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. I have master's degrees in both Statistics and Business Administration. The attached resume and recommendation provide further details concerning my background. I am currently a member of the Mass Laboratory at the Center for Measurement Standards. Who referred you to their organization Dr. Lin referred me to you, and said that you have been quite instrumental in the development of the Mass Laboratory at ABC Institute. I was also impressed with the literature ABC sent to our laboratory, and I admire the 1000 kg mass comparator we purchased.

Your own research interests, as related to proposed guest worker stay I am particularly interested in such topics as mass weighing design models, the calculation of uncertainty, and the Measurement Assurance Program. I have read the NBS SP676 and would like to obtain more detailed information to make a proper introduction to our laboratory. Meanwhile, the calibration of our standard weights traceable to ABC Institute is going to expire shortly. I would like to hand carry them to your institute for recalibration.

Request for guest worker position I would like to serve as a guest worker at your laboratory for six to eight months. Source of funding All of the expenses incurred during my stay would be covered by my organization. Time constraints If possible, I would prefer to begin no earlier than November 1, 1991. Besides the above-mentioned subjects, I hope that I will be able to spend some time taking assignments directly from you. Please consider my request and inform me of your decision as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

4.4 Guestworker application

May 28, 1993
Dear Dr. Thompson,

Commendation of the organization's reputation in a particular field ABC is internationally renowned for its precision in measurement standards. Your division, the Mechanical and Optical Metrology Division, is also known as one of the best laboratories in this field. Request for guest worker position I would like to apply to serve as a guest worker in your Division, during the months between December 1992 and June 1993.

Time constraints and source of funding during guest worker stay I have already been allotted half a year to conduct research work at another institution. All related expenses would be covered by my institute, the Center for Measurement Standards.

Educational and professional background (along with any particular research interests) The enclosed resume provides further information on my educational background in physics, and my recent professional experience in laser frequency stabilization and laser scanning microscopes. I am particularly interested in studying laser frequency stabilization at your laboratory. However, I am open to being assigned to any project which is relevant to my background experiences.

I look forward to our future cooperation and appreciate your thoughtful deliberation in considering this application.

Sincerely yours,
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