Requesting reference materials

5.13 Requesting reference materials

March 8, 1994
Dear Ms. Jones,

This is a letter of inquiry from the Waste Exchange Information Center (WEIC) in Taiwan. Information request Could you provide us with legislation/strategy information regarding environmental protection in the areas of waste minimization, life cycle asessment, cleaner product technology, and polluter pays policies?

Organizational background and current activities WEIC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization subsection of Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL). UCL is a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan. We are currently involved with a long-term project entitled "Industrial Waste Minimization Information Service," which has been sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) for more than three years. The goal of this long-term project is to provide relevant information on industrial waste minimization procedures. Our major work includes the publication of a waste minimization bimonthly magazine, the facilitation of waste exchange/reuse, and the dissemination of commercialized waste minimization technologies. Experimental results generated from this project have already been most helpful in alleviating some of Taiwan's waste management problems.

Background information for technology development in your organizationRapid economic growth in Taiwan has annually brought on more than seven million tons of municipal waste and thirty million tons of industrial waste. Because such large quantities pose a threat to Taiwan's people and environment, government, industry, research and technology organizations have begun to focus their attention on waste treatment sustainable product technology. Much effort has already gone into the research and implementation of life cycle assessment, cleaner product technologies, and 'polluter pays' policies. Priority of information exchange relationship We recognize that the continued success of our efforts will hinge on our willingness to share and exchange information with other, similar organizations. Enclosed please find an introductory document that provides insight into WEIC, Taiwan. Information requestI hope you will be able to provide us with legislation/strategy information regarding envrionmental protection in the areas of waste minimization, life cycle assessment, cleaner product technology, and polluter pays policy. Cooperative ties between your two organizations We anticipate technology exchange between our organizations, which might include visits, symposiums, technology consultation and transfer, or any other activities you deem feasible.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to our future cooperative efforts.


5.14 Requesting information

July 10, 1994
Dear Mr. Jones,

Acknowledgement of previous information sent Thank you for your letter dated July 5, 1994 and for the information on the catalyst project and the UK's new Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme. I plan to introduce these programs, at conferences, and in journals and trade magazines, here in Taiwan. Please inform me of any more recent information.

Your current projectI am also working on a project that concerns CFC refrigerant recycle/recovery and reuse for air and freezing equipment. I have found two publications which might be very helpful.

Literature requestPlease have someone from DTI send me these two articles. My working group is collecting information for ROC EPA in preparation for new regulations on CFC refrigerant recycle/recovery and reuse for air and freezing equipment. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,

5.15 Requesting literature (shorter version)

October 14, 1994
Dear Ms. Smith,

Reference to previous contact I was quite impressed with your lecture at the Cleaner Production Technology Symposium in Taipei, September 22 and 23. After carefully reading your article 'Current Approaches to Cleaner Production: from Pollution Prevention to Life Cycle Design', I found it necessary to write you and request further information.

Why you are request such information I plan to introduce several specific projects that have been undertaken or are currently under progress in the U.S. My goal in this is to help the people of Taiwan understand the essence of "clean technology." Would you please send more information on
1. CTSA programs
2. environmentally benign chemical manufacturing programs
3. the Common Sense Initiative Program, and
4. other related programs

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

5.16 Requesting literature information

July 2, 1994
Dear Mr. Smith,

It was a pleasure meeting you in London on June 17, 1994.

ROC EPA is currently reviewing the CFC refrigerant recycling requirements for refrigeration and air conditioning. We have received information from the US EPA (i.e., Protection of Stratospheric Ozone, Refrigerant Recycling, and Final Rule). As you may know, the United Kingdom was the second largest exporter of CFCs to Taiwan in 1992 and 1993. We believe that other, related information from your country would be quite valuable for us. Would you please forward this request to someone who might provide such information?

Has the 'Environmental Technology Best Practice Program' been successful so far? If so, please send pertinent information so that I can introduce a similar program in Taiwan.

Sincerely yours,
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