Paving the way for technology transfers

1.9 Paving the way for technology transfers

June 1, 1994
Dear Mr. Brown,

Introduction of company for technology transfer We have located a cold forged aluminum company, ABC Corporation that is interested in developing your hubs.

ABC is a newly established producer of qualified aluminum cold-forging products, having been in operation since early 1991. However, its employees accumulated many years of experience in aluminum forging prior to joining this company.

The company's product line and achievements The major products of this company are fine art aluminum furniture, automotive parts, and construction materials. Its premium quality aluminum furniture gained national recognition after ABC received two fine product awards, "It's Very Well Made in Taiwan" (1993 and 1994).

This company has the capability needed to perform the anti-violet ray surface oxidized treatment, as well as the three dimensional aerospace forging that is used to increase the strength and to reduce the weight of its forged aluminum products.

Enclosed information Photos of ABC's product line and a brochure of current products are enclosed for your reference. We hope to hear from you

Sincerely yours,

1.10 Paving the way for technology transfers

September 9, 1992
Dear Mr. Brown,

Your fax, dated August 20, to the General Director of Union Chemical Laboratories has been passed on to me. The microencapsulated hemoglobin technology developed by ABC Systems (ABC) sounds interesting.

Mention the company interested in receiving technology transfer After consulting with experts in this field, we have contacted Mr. Chang of DEF, Inc. (DEF), which is one of Taiwan's leading vaccine companies. DEF would like to explore the possibility of utilizing the microencapsulated hemoglobin technology, though they would like to obtain more information.

Specific questions Questions raised so far are listed as follows:
(1) What is the current status of the technology with regard to the application?
(2) Have you conducted any human clinical trials in the U.S.?
(3) What is your strategy for transferring this technology to DEF?

Reference to appropriate contact If ABC Systems is interested in developing a strategic alliance with DEF and transferring this technology to Taiwan, Mr. Chang is certainly in the best position to listen to whatever proposals you might have. His address and telephone number are attached.

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