Price quotations-information services

5.17 Price quotations - information services

August 20, 1992
Dear Ms. Smith,

Acknowledgement of information sent Thank you for your brochure related to autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC). The brochure was quite informative.

Your organization's cooperative intentionsAs described in my previous letter, Union Chemical Laboratories' mission in this project is to assist local companies throughout the process of manufacturing ALC products and to obtain necessary technologies through licensing agreements (if such agreements are required). Several of the local companies that we have already been in contact with are interested in the following information. This information will affect their decision as to whether or not to enter in an agreement with your corporation.
1. For a 200m/day plant that produces ALC blocks: What is the total machinery and equipment cost? What is the licensing fee?
2. Same questions as in (1), but for a daily plant capacity of 600m of ALC block and panel.

Please fax this information as soon as possible so that we can reach a preliminary consensus. If everything works out well, a representative from UCL will visit your corporation next month for a demonstration. Thank you for your kind attention.


5.18 Price quotations

Febraury 22, 1993
Dear Mr. Thompson,

I would like to inquire into the retail prices of zirconium compounds manufactured at your company. I need nine species of zirconium compounds: the product code numbers are attached to this fax transmission.

I am also interested in zirconium hydroxide/oxides stabilized with CeO2, CaO, Y2O2, MgO and TiO2. If these are available, please quote me their retail prices so that I can decide whether these two orders can be combined.

I need roughly 500 grams of each species. By the way, the zirconium compounds are to be used for catalysis research. My department belongs to a non-profit research institute and I was wondering whether this would qualify us for some kind of discount? Thanks.


5.19 Price quotations - reminders

January 15, 1993
Dear Miss Thompson,

In our last fax transmission, sent to you on January 11, I expressed UCL's intention of purchasing L.B.R. equipment from ABC Corporation. However, I have not yet received your response. Since procurement for this fiscal year will close at the end of this month, we will need your decision before January 20. Our offices will be closed during January 21-27 for the Chinese New Year.

With regard to the price quotation, please include both the L.B.R. equipment and the associated training fees. A training period held during April or May would be preferable for UCL, if this is convenient with your schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


5.20 Price quotations - machine installation

August 31, 1992
Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your facsimile dated August 25 regarding the cost of installing and commissioning our weighing systems. In order to avoid a misunderstanding regarding your quotation, we want to confirm the following points. We hope to have your response as soon as possible:
1. The quoted price is as follows:
* 6 working days plus 2 days allotted for travel
2. Is the V.A.T. included in the price of item "Daily Rate"?
3. The accommodations for your engineer will be based on our previous arrangement.

By the way, we will inform you of the exact installation date once all of the related administrative procedures have been completed.

Your comments on the above points would be highly appreciated. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

5.21 Negotiating price quotations

August 31, 1992
Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you for your proposal. We agree that the three-step approach (identify potential candidates, arrange business contacts, and negotiate technology transfer) is necessary. In the past, we cooperated with another consulting company on another technology transfer program. However, their quoted fee was considerably lower than what you have stated. In light of our budget constraints, we would appreciate it if you could reconsider your original quotation.

Sincerely yours,

5.22 Negotiating price quotations

August 6, 1993
Dear Mr. Smith,

Unfortunately, the total cost you quoted us has turned out to be considerably higher than what we had originally budgeted for. Our original budget was based on information from last year's survey. You may have heard that the PPS (model no.1234) produced by ABC, Inc. is similar to your PPS (model no.1234).

Your retail price far exceeds their quoted price.

We hope that you will reflect upon our circumstances and adjust the quoted price accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

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