Requesting product information

5.4 Requesting product information

August 23, 1993
Dear Sir,

The Center for Measurements Standards, a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan, is currently developing a flow measurement test rig. Our design consultant suggests the use of ABC valve products on some of our mechanical components. The following is a list of items we are interested in purchasing from your company:
1. Item and spec.: "2" N.B. Series 44 ball valve, complete with weld neck to BS 1560 class 600 LB flange & actuator with series 40, size 20 RKA 40. The flanges should have a 165mm O.D. with holes drilled through equally spaced holes with a diameter of 19mm.
Quantity: 2
2. Item and spec.: Series 44 ball valve 1/4" BSPP, complete with actuator series 40 size 05 RDA
Quantity: 2

Accompanying this letter are two figures of the aforementioned valves.We would appreciate it if you could provide a catalogue and price list, at your earliest convenience. If you have a sales agent in Taiwan or elsewhere in the Far East Region, please inform him or her of our intentions. We look forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely yours,

5.5 Requesting product information (short version)

October 5, 1993
Dear Mr. Smith,

We are interested in your pressure reactors, especially the ABC reactor or any others that are suitable for polymerization reactions. Would you please send your catalog either by fax or by mail to the address listed in the above letterhead? By the way, do you have a representative in Taiwan who could contact us directly? I would really appreciate a quick response.

Sincerely yours,

5.6 Requesting product information for administrative purposes

November 2, 1994
Dear Mr. Thompson,

I talked to Mr. Jones over the phone regarding product information of scopolamine free base. He suggested that I contact you. In October 1992, we ordered one kilogram of scopolamine from your company (Batch No. 12345). The drug has been used for the transdermal delivery system development project currently underway at our laboratory. We plan to file an IND with the Bureau of Drugs (Taiwan's counterpart of the FDA) for scopolamine T.D.D.S. Please provide us with the following documents and samples required by the Bureau:
1. a certificate of Analysis of Scopolamine Free Base, especially for this batch
2. 10 grams of reference standard
3. analytical profiles and test protocols of Scopolamine (for QA purposes)
4. a Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.)
5. any other pertinent information your company can release regarding this drug

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.


5.7 Requesting product information - application inquiries

Manufacturers frequently supply an application inquiry form in which the requester must describe the specific application that the product is intended to be used for. The writer of the following letter has responded to the inquiry so as to assure the manufacturer that product specifications will be met.


5.8 Requesting product information for machine installation

August 24, 1992
Dear Mr. Smith,

We have some questions regarding the installation and commission of your weighing systems: I refer specifically to the A1B2C3, (purchasing order No. D4E5F6G7, dated February 19 1992) for our liquid flow laboratory. Please respond to the following items:
1. The installation procedure should begin around November. Please fax us the resumes of those engineers who will come to Taiwan.
l2. Please list the equipment and tools necessary for your engineers to complete the installation procedure.

If you have any advice or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. We hope to receive your response soon.

Sincerely yours,

5.9 Requesting product information

November 2, 1992
Dear Mr. Brown,

We are finally in the position to undertake this immuno diagnostic kits project.

The literature you sent me on April 9, 1990, concerning your liquid dispensing systems, is highly informative. Not only are we interested in coating the 96 well microtiter plates with antigens or antibodies, we are also interested in coating the membrane for the same immunoassay purpose. Which of your product lines fits both of these applications? What we have in mind is to coat (or mark) with"+" or/& "-" or/& "o" or/& "x" or/&. I was therefore wondering if it would be possible to attach a specifically designed nozzle to the end of the tubing so as to allow delivery of the proteinous solution in small quantities?

Accompanying this letter is the APPLICATION INQUIRY. If you need more information regarding our specific situation, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Yours truly,

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