Thank you letters-training programs

4.14 Thank you letters - training programs

May 15, 1992
Dear Dr. Lee,

I returned to Taiwan safely on April 27, and I am now back to my work in the Dimensional Measurement Group at CMS/ITRI.

I learned much from you about the use of laser micrometers in Gage-block calibration and thin wire measurement. Thank you for your instruction and advice.

I've already sent the photographs taken at the luncheon party on April 23 to Miss Lin. She will pass the duplicates on to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in your group. I also hope to have another opportunity to serve as a visiting researcher at your institute.


4.15 Thank you letters - training programs

March 15, 1994
Dear Dr. Jones,

I would like to express our appreciation for the hospitality and technical guidance you provided to Mr. Chang during his six-month guest work period at your laboratory. As I'm sure you know, he participated in your re-examination of the quantized Hall effect at i=2 and i=4 plateau, and set a new limit for the metrology of quantized Hall effect in resistance standards. His work, under the supervision of Dr. Smith, compared different SQUID types in CCC circuits. The paper he prepared was accepted at CPEM'94, and this subsequently earned him a Young Scientist Award at that conference. We believe that it was your laboratory's committment to excellence that enabled him to have such a fruitful experience.

Mr. Chang has paved the way for closer relations between our two laboratories. I hope that we can continue to strengthen friendship through more such cooperative efforts. I look forward to seeing you at CPEM'95.

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