Requests for participation in/or accreditation by an international body

1.17 Requests for participation in an international body

March 3, 1994
Dear Mr. Brown,

I am a researcher at Taiwan's Waste Exchange Information Center (WEIC) in Taiwan. Ms. Smith recommended that I get in touch with you about membership in your working group.

Your organization's missions, major activities, and achievements WEIC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established as a subsidiary of Union Chemical Laboratories, which is a part of the larger Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan. We are currently involved in a long-term project entitled the "Industrial Waste Minimization Information Service," which has already been sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) for more than three years. The goal of this long-term project is to provide relevant information on the practice of industrial waste minimization. This service is provided to the public free of charge. Our major work includes the publication of a waste minimization bimonthly magazine, the facilitation of waste exchange, and the transfer and dissemination of commercialized waste minimization technologies. The experimental results generated from this project have already proved most helpful in Taiwan's environmental protection efforts. Enclosed please find a document that describes WEIC, Taiwan in greater detail.

We recognize that the continued success of our work depends on the open exchange of related experiences with similar organizations. Please send a flyer and a membership application at your earliest convenience.


1.18 Requests for accreditation by an international body

September 26, 1991
Dear Dr. Smith,

Organizational background UCL is one of the seven laboratories at the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Its major responsibilities include the development of chemical products, analytical technology, pollution control technology and environmental analysis.

Department background The Environmental Analysis Department (EAD) is a part of the Environmental Science and Technology Division. EAD has several years of experience in environmental analysis work, and has assisted the Environment Protection Agency of the R.O.C. with the in pollutant analysis, pollution survey, and the promotion of a laboratory QA/QC system.

Request for accreditation materials For the purpose of upgrading the quality of our related programs, we would like to apply for accreditation by internationally recognized organizations. ABC is definitely among one of them. I hope you can provide us with the necessary application information regarding the environmental analysis accreditation procedure. Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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