Seeking technology licensors

1.5 Seeking technology licensors (formal-first contact)

July 15, 1992
Ms. Jones,

Your intentions to seek a technology licensor We are seeking potential licensors of the Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC) product technology on behalf of local manufacturers in Taiwan, R.O.C. The current demand for ALC materials, which are both lightweight and fire-proof, has been rapidly increasing in Taiwan. Several companies are highly interested in manufacturing ALC locally.

Your organization's role in the technology transfer We at Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL) help these companies evaluate and obtain production technology.

Background information UCL is one of the laboratories of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), which is the largest non-profit research organization in Taiwan,`R.O.C. One of the goals is to help the local industrial sector upgrade its technology. Our strategy is to upgrade technology through technology licensing.

If you are interested in licensing ALC technology, please contact us. Don't hesitate to call or write us should you have any questions. Your assistance is appreciated..


1.6 Seeking technology licensors (relatively informal)

June 29, 1992
Dear John,

Informal reference to previous relationship I am glad to hear that lots of good things have happened at ABC Corporation since I left the company in May of 1991.

Your organization Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL), the organization I am currently working with, has been entrusted by the R.O.C. Government to develop key technologies that can upgrade Taiwan's chemical industries. UCL is highly interested in developing diagnostic kits that utilize biotechnological reagents, such as the nucleic acid gene probe.

Interest in receiving technology transfer In addition to our in-house R&D, we are also considering the possibility of transfer from a foreign company of a technology that is ready for or close to commercialization, and that is already under patent protection. ABC's Biotechnology Group has developed some interesting products that we would like to know more about before reaching the licensing stage.

Plan for initiating the relationship I suggest that ABC send a technical expert to UCL before the end of July to give a presentation to our scientists and technical staff. Because our product/technique evaluation results were so positive, we are excited about the possibility of forming a strategic alliance comprised of the ROC Government, UCL, local companies, and ABC Corporation to co-develop these products. I look forward to hearing from you.


1.7 Expressing the desire to license a foreign-owned technology

August 27, 1992
Dear Mr. Brown,

Acknowledge previous correspondence Thank you for your letter dated August 24th. We are pleased to hear that ABC Corporation is considering licensing ALC technology to a company in Taiwan. Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL) is a non-profit organization that receives partial funding from the ROC Government.

Your organization's involvement in the project The project we are currently involved in aims at assisting local companies obtain the license to manufacture ALC technology in Taiwan. Our assistance, which includes obtaining information on government regulations and/or financial support, and helping to seek potential lands, should expedite the negotiation process. Therefore, UCL's involvement will benefit both parties, ABC Corporation and the local company.

Offering further assistance Please provide us with any pertinent information (name/phone number) on the company in question so that we can better assist this technology transfer. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

1.8 A response to a letter expressing a desire to license a foreign-owned technology

October 7, 1994
Dear Dr. Smith,

Thank you for your fax, dated September 16, which provided a thorough answer to my question regarding recovery scrubber technology.

Your response to their previous correspondence I have already requested that Mr. Tang, Editor of Industrial Waste Minimization, a bi-monthly magazine, introduce your technology in that publication. Industrial Waste Minimization Bimonthly Magazine is issued by the Waste Exchange Information Center (WEIC) of Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL) of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The magazine has more than 3,000 subscribers among factories, businesses, engineering consultants, academics, and other interested parties

I encourage you to write to Mr. John Lin, Director of the Taiwan Environmental Engineering Association, and express your intention to transfer your technology to Taiwan ROC. This Association has some 370 members, many of whom have already successfully transferred environmental technologies from abroad. Mr. Lin's address is
4th Fl., 6, Lane 59, I Tung Street
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C,
Tel: (02) 123456
Fax: (02) 234567

Offer further assistance If you would like to provide more information about, say, flow charts, chemical compositions, or profit analyses, please send any such materials to Mr. Tang at:
321 Sec. 2 Kuang Fu Road
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: (035) 345678
Fax: (035) 456789

Future correspondence regarding this matter should be addressed to Mr. Tang. Thanks again for your interest.

Best Regards.

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