Setting agendas for technical visit

3.7 Agendas for technical visits

November 28, 1994
Dear Dr. Smith,

Thanks for your fax response regarding bilateral cooperation between our two organizations. We generally agree with your proposal. However, the date of Dr.Jone's visit should preferably be in February of 1995 because we are usually quite busy during the month of January. A tentative agenda of Dr. Jone's visit is summarized below:
Feb. 12, 1995 (Sun): Dr. Jones arrives in Taiwan
Feb. 13, 1995 (Mon): Meet CMS staff members and discuss Mr.
Jone's schedule Feb. 14, 1995 (Tue): Acoustics Laboratory consultation: Reciprocity
Feb. 15, 1995 (Wed): Calibration of microphones
Feb. 16, 1995 (Thu): 1. Acoustics Laboratory consulting: free-field
Feb. 17, 1995 (Fri): calibration of microphones and sound level meters
2. A presentation of a special topic:2 to 3 hrs
Feb. 18, 1995 (Sat): Sightseeing (arranged by CMS staff members)
Feb. 19, 1995 (Sun): Feb. 20, 1995 (Mon): Acoustics Laboratory consulting: Microphone Design
Feb. 21, 1995 (Tue): 1. Acoustics Laboratory consulting: Microphone Design
2. Presentation of a special topic:2 to 3 hrs
Feb. 22, 1995 (Wed): Acoustics Laboratory consulting: Hydrophone design
Feb. 23, 1995 (Thu): Acoustics Laboratory consulting: Hydrophone design
Presentation of a special topic:2 to 3 hrs
Feb. 24, 1995 (Fri): Discuss further cooperation in acoustics
Discuss further cooperation between our two organizations
Feb. 25, 1995 (Sat): Return to Russia
The agenda and consulting topics can be changed, if necessary. Any comments or suggestions regarding the aforementioned proposal would be highly appreciated. If the proposal is acceptable, please send us Dr. Jones's presentation topics and curriculum vitae as soon as possible.


3.8 Agenda for technical visit

December 23, 1993
Dear Mr. Smith,

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am a colleague of Miss Lin. She will be a guest worker at the ABC Institute (Paris) from February 19 to June 13 and will be absent during your visit to CMS. Your responsibilities in the upcoming visit Therefore, I will take over the responsibility of arranging your visit itinerary. Your suggestion of what topics should be covered during the visit After discussing the matter with Mr. Chang, I suggest the following topics of discussion for our meeting in May:
1. Coaxial noise standard & radiometer. The content of this topic is provided in your fax dated 1/23/94.
2. Microwave measurement in general. It won't be necessary for you to prepare a lecture. After you have visited our laboratories, however, could you provide us with some suggestions regarding measurement accuracy improvement, error analysis and measurement assistance? On the other hand, you are more than welcome to give a lecture.
3. Low noise figure measurement of devices. This topic is what most interests our customers (from industrial sector to academia). Some manufacturers already produce Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) and Low Noise Blocks (LNB). Until now, however, no one has devised an accurate method of measuring uncertainty. Therefore, if you agree, we would like to arrange for you to give a talk on this topic, in a seminar, during your visit in May.

If you would like to add anything to the above topics, please feel free to let me know.

Sincerely yours,

3.9 Agenda for technical visit: part one

April 27, 1993
Dear Chen,

ircumstances of upcoming visitI'm glad to hear you are planning to come to Taiwan and visit UCL. Quite some time has passed since we met at the AIChE meeting. As of now, I am available the week of May 17-24. However, please let me know, as soon as possible, the specific date you would like to visit UCL so that I can keep that day open for you. Once the date has been fixed, I will let Dr. Lin know that you are planning to visit us.

Arrangements you have made to satisfy the speaker's particular interestsAs far as the zeolite A process is concerned, I will talk to the person currently responsible for that project and invite him to sit in on our discussion.

I hope you can spend the entire day here so that we'll have sufficient time to reminisce on the good old days. It will be great to see you again. Means of communication to be used for arranging details of the visit Let's use fax transmissions as our communication mode: I believe that this will be the best way. My fax number is included in the above letterhead.

Sincerely yours,

3.10 Agendas for technical visit: part two

April 28, 1993
Dear Chen,

Tentative schedule for technical visit The schedule of your trip to Taiwan has tentatively been arranged as follows:
5/17: Arrive in Taiwan, and stay in Taipei
5/18: Take the train from Taipei to Hsinchu and visit UCL in the evening. I will accompany you to Chiayi by train.
5/19: Visit ABC's R&D Center in Chiayi in the evening. You can take a train to Kaohsiung yourself and stay in a hotel. I will arrange for a friend to pick you up on 5/22
5/20: Visit the ABC Kaohsiung Refinery. Return to Taipei in the evening.
The above schedule is only tentative and I still need to confirm it with some of my friends. As soon as everything is finalized, I'll let you know.

Your friend


3.11 Agendas for technical visits: part three

May 4, 1993
Dear Chen,

Final details for technical visit I'd like to reconfirm your schedule in Taiwan and add some detailed information:
1. You'll arrive in Taiwan on 5/17. I recommend that you come to Hsinchu directly from the airport, which is located between Taipei and Hsinchu. If you prefer, I can arrange for transportation from the airport to bring you to Hsinchu (you can directly pay the driver). If this arrangement is agreeable, please let me know your flight schedule and arrival time. I'll give you more detailed instructions later.
2. On 5/18, I'll pick you up at the hotel and bring you to UCL. You'll stay at UCL until the late afternoon. We'll then take a train from Hsinchu to Chiayi.
3. On 5/19, you'll visit ABC's R&D center and give a presentation and discuss the market potential of Zeolite and Isomerization. In the late afternoon, you can take a train (by yourself) to Kaoshiung and then take a taxi to the hotel.
4. On 5/20, one of my friends will meet you at the hotel and take you to ABC's Kaohsiung Refinery. At the Refinery, you will meet with engineers from the technical department and discuss Xylene isomerization. The Kaohsiung Refinery's technical department is responsible for all the technical business conducted at the Kaohsiung Refinery and at the Linyuan Refinery. All business decisions and transactions, such as catalyst and technology selection, are handled by this department. My friend has recommended that you visit this department instead of the Linyuan Refinery. Besides, if time permits, engineers from the Linyuan Refinery can come to the Kaohsiung Refinery and attend your meeting. I believe this would be a preferable arrangement. Following your discussion at the Kaohsiung Refinery, you will take a plane to Taipei with one of my friends and stay there overnight.
5. Sorry, but I'll be unable to accompany you to Kaohsiung. However, once your trip has been finalized, I'll make all the necessary hotel reservations and train ticket purchases. I'll be out of town between 5/13 and 5/15. To ensure that everything has been covered, please let me know your flight schedule (flight number, arrival time), as well as any suggestions you might have.
6. Please do not forget to send me your company's product portfolio so that I can pass this information on to someone who can help you.

I hope this trip will be successful. See you soon!

Yours sincerely,


3.12 Agendas for technical visits: part four

May 12, 1993
Dear Chen,

our trip to ABC's Kaohsiung Refinery on Thursday, June 3 has been approved. Mr. Lin of CDE Enterprises will accompany you to the refinery. His telephone and fax numbers are:
The finalized schedule is: June 2 (Wednesday)
Seoul to Taipei NW029 16:20-18:00
Take a limo to Taipei and stay in a hotel overnight (Mr. Lin will help you make reservations). June 3 (Thursday)
Tom will pick you up at the hotel. Take a plane to Kaohsiung and visit the Kaohsiung Refinery. Return to Taipei and leave Taiwan the following day (June 4). Please reconfirm the above details with Mr. Lin via fax. Also, let him know your presentation topic in advance. Don't forget to bring your business portfolio. Mr. Lin will also help you reserve a plane ticket to Kaohsiung. Please give me a call once you have arrived in Taiwan.

I also suggest that you give Mr. Lin a brief description of ABC and that you send a products portfolio prior to your arrival in Taiwan. That way, he will have a chance to review those materials before discussion with you. Much appreciation for your cooperation in this matter.

Sincerely yours,


3.13 Agendas for symposium (preliminary)

January 11, 1994
Dear Professor Kawasaki,

Acknowledgement of speaker's acceptance We were pleased to hear from Professor Chang (National Taiwan University) concerning your willingness to serve as a speaker at the Combustibility of Building Materials Symposium. Place and time of symposium The meeting will be held April 25-26, 1994 at the National Central Library, Taipei. What the speaker can hopefully prepare We hope that you can give two lectures, which will be at 13:20-14:05 and 15:10-15:55 (4/25/94), respectively. Please fax us your curriculum vitae, lecture topics, and half-page abstracts before January 31, 1994. Also, please send us the complete papers before March 1, 1994.

Please fax and send all your materials (i.e., abstracts, papers and curriculum vitae) to us at FAX No. 035 123456 so that we will have sufficient time for translation and printing. Our correspondence address is included in the above fax heading. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Compensation The sponsors will provide roundtrip airfare and transportation from Japan to the conference site, as well as hotel accommodations and living expenses for seven days (4/23-4/29). We have already faxed the informal invitation. A formal invitation letter with a complete program will be sent out by Dr. Johnsee Lee, the General Director of UCL, ITRI. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



3.14 Agendas for symposiums: final details

March 23, 1994
Dear Professor Kawasaki,

Acknowledgement of receipt of requested materials for symposium Thank you for your papers. The agenda for the Symposium on the Flame Retardation and Fire Resistance of Building Materials is attached. Translation service Two translators (Japanese to Chinese) will be provided during your talk. These translators may want to discuss your talk with you beforehand to ensure translation accuracy. Up to 200 participants are expected to attend.

Final details and preparations prior to speaker's arrival Reception dinners are to be held on the evenings of April 25 and 26, and there will be a short tour of Taipei on April 29. As mentioned in my earlier FAX, the sponsors will provide roundtrip airfare (Business Class) and transportation to the conference site, along with hotel and living expenses for seven days (4/23-4/29). Please let me know your arrival and departure times and flight numbers so that we can give you a ride from the airport to the hotel. Please keep the receipts from your travel agent for reimbursement.

Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can help you with. I hope you will enjoy the conference and the trip



Symposium on the Flame Retardation and Fire Resistance of Building Materials
Background and Objectives
The Symposium on the Flame Retardation and Fire Resistance of Building Materials is a forum in which to discuss fire issues associated with developments in flame retardant materials and fire safety testing. Purpose of symposium Our ultimate goal is to enhance fire safety. Particular emphasis The Symposium will emphasize building materials. A general scope of furnishing materials used in Taiwan is to be provided in this event. Who should atttend this event? This symposium is therefore ideal for officials, legislators, and those from the industrial sector who need to keep abreast, and even ahead, of these developments.

Building Research Institute, Ministry of Interior
Union Chemical Laboratories, ITRI
The Combustion Association of the R.O.C.

April 25-26, 1994

The National Central Library, Taipei

Symposium Program
April 25, 1994 (Monday) Session 1
Developments in Flame Retardants and Flame-Retardant Polymers
0830-0900 Registration
0900-0930 Opening Remarks
0930-1020 Important Trends in the Flame Retardant Industry
1020-1040 Break
1040-1125 The Application and Development of Flame Retardant Plastics
1125-1210 Selected Flame Retardant Products and Test Methods for Furniture and Electrical/Electronics Markets
1210-1320 Lunch
Session 2 Applications and Developments in Flame-Retardant Wood
1320-1405 Research and Development of Fire Protected Wood Products in Japan
1405-1450 Development and Application of the Fire-Resistive Wooden Door
1450-1510 Break
1510-1555 Fire Endurance of Wood and Wood Composites with Gradient Fire Retardation
1555-1640 The History and Future of Phosphorus Flame Retardants
1640-1730 Discussion

April 26, 1994 (Tuesday) Session 3
Fire-Protection Research in Taiwan
0900-0945 Professor Chen
0945-1030 The Development and Application of Sprinkler's Inspection Criterion Used in Buildings
1030-1050 Break
1050-1135 The Movement and Control of Fire and Smoke
1135-1220 Method and Theory: Aircraft Interiors Flammability Tests
1200-1320 Lunch
Session 4 Fire Protection for Electrical Cables
1320-1405 Application and Development
1405-1450 Fire Protection: Wire and Cable
1450-1510 Break
1510-1555 A Review of Global Fire Safety Test Methods, and Trends in the Wire and Cable Industry
1555-1640 A Review of BRI Funded Research Projects Involving Fire Performance of Interior Finishing Materials
1640-1730 Discussion
1730 Adjournment
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