Suggestion letters for training content

4.7 Suggestions for training content

June 10, 1992
Dear Ms. Thompson,

Thank you for your fax dated June 4, 1992, regarding the training program the list of assemblies of the PPS. We held a meeting to discuss your training program, and reached the following conclusions:
1. We hope to begin assembling PPS.
2. We hope to enhance the technical knowledge of the PPS, particularly with respect to temperature measurement and control, anti-vibration, and pressure control.
3. We hope to finalize the training program schedule.
4. After the training program, we hope your engineers can help us set up the PPS in Taiwan
If it is not too much of an inconvenience, would you please offer a detailed list of the PPS components, such as those on the attached page?

A prompt reply would help us expedite our PPS assembly project.

Sincerely yours,

4.8 Training program suggestions (in the form of questions)

November 7, 1994
Dear Dr. Smith,

Dr. Chang has passed on to me your letter, dated October 25, concerning the Advances in Catalyst Technology Program. I have several questions about this ACT program:
1. Are you going to cover all subjects, including metallocene, zeolite, solid acids, Ziegler/Natta, oxygenate and chiral organic chemistry, in your ACT program? How long have you operated an active ACT Program?
2. You stated that each member can choose four CAP study reports? How many CAP studies will you publish annually? Do you have the current list of published CAP studies?
3. When and where will the annual seminar be held? Do you have a copy of the previous year's program for the annual program you have hosted?
I hope you will provide us with a more detailed introduction to your ACT Program before we reach a final decision. Thank you in advance for replying to these questions.

Sincerely yours,
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