[ Syllabus ]

  1. Course objectives
    • To identify common types of technical correspondence in the workplace
    • To create a tailor-made correspondence file based on the student's writing needs
    • How can I identify my reader's interests to make the paper more user friendly?
  2. Course texts
  3. Suggested readings
  4. Course homework
    Written assignments will be sent for editing to the instructor via e-mail (tedaknoy@ms11.hinet.net) as an attached file in Microsoft Word format. The instructor will edit the files using the editing tool inside of the "Tools" box of Microsoft Word and, then, return the edited files to the student. During the final week of the course, the student will submit the final assignments on a 3.5 size diskette(Word format).
    Using the software templates found at http://mx.nthu.edu.tw/~tedknoy/ku.html, write twenty five letters (five letters from each section) by choosing from the thirty eight options in A Correspondence Manual for Chinese Technical Writers.
  5. Norms for class assignments
    The instructor assesses the above assignments on the basis of the following norms:
    Structure Each class assignment must adhere to the structure outlined in "Details of class assignments".
    Style Each class assignment must be written in clear and concise English, omitting any grammatical, general writing style, or Chinese colloquial errors.
    Usability Each class assignment must not only have a particular audience in mind, but attempt to link the technical information with the particular reader's interest(s).