Requesting technology information

5.10 Requesting technology information

July 26, 1994
Dear Mr. Jones,

I came across an article in the April 1994 edition of The plastics BRIEF International Newsletter regarding your LCP extrusion film technology. I found it to be of great interest.

Let me tell you about my organization: we are a non-profit research institute that serves the plastics industry in Taiwan. Our primary responsibilities include technical support, R&D, and technology transfer.

I would like to more clearly understand your product line and related technology: could you send me information on the technology and information on the samples of pure LCP films, coextruded films and, if at all possible, could you send me film samples of LCP blends along with LCP blend test data. We intend to explore possible applications of these films, particularly in the IC, electronics and the packaging industries here in Taiwan. Furthermore, your film extrusion process seems to have the potential to meet our particular needs.

Thank you for your kind attention. I look forward to hearing from you.


5.11 Requesting technology information

March 22, 1991
Dear Mr. Brown,

I was referred to you by ITRI's Center for Pollution Control Technology (CPCT). As you may already know, ITRI is a non-profit, government supported research organization. Our division is currently engaged in the evaluation of biofiltration technology for the treatment of odors. Can you provide us with the following information?
1. Has your organization used biofilters for the treatment of odors? If so, could you provide us with information on the performance of the biofilter? What kind of pollutants/odorants does it eliminate?
2. The names and addresses of the organizations that are currently utilize biofiltration technology, along with their appraisals of such technology.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Sincerely yours,

5.12 Requesting technology information

July 11, 1994
Dear Sir:

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am an associate engineer at Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL), which is a subsidiary of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). ITRI is a governmental, non-profit organization. My current research involves work on ultrafiltration and microfiltration processes. Our project team plans to investigate the following topics:
1. the clarification of fruit juice
2. the clarification and flavor adjustment of wine
3. protein concentration for gelatin manufacturing
4. the concentration of latex betwen polymerization and spray-drying (e.g., PVC latex)

Could you provide us with detailed information on the application of these technologies on the membrane separation systems?

Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to our future cooperation.

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