Topics of discussion

2.6 Topics of discussion during technical visits (specific questions)

August 24, 1992
Dear Mr. Brown,

Appreciation for scheduling the technical visit Thank you for allowing us to visit to ABC Corporation. Dr. Chang, Mr. Lin and myself would like to thank you in advance for meeting us at the Novotel (Europa BLVD 10, NL-1083 AD, Tel: 20-54111-23) at 9:00 on August 28.

As stated in our fax dated July 29, we would like to visit your LBR test unit and the ABC Treatment Plant-Apeldoorn, as well as discuss the details of our cooperative agreement. Specific questions so that their company can prepare in advance We thought that it would be a good idea to pose the following questions before the August 28 discussion, to allow you time to prepare your responses:
1. Since it is quite expensive, in Taiwan, to drill a 1225m deephole in Taiwan, would it be possible to instead drill a 600m deephole with an additional pressure of 60 Kg/cm on the ground surface to meet the 1225m vertical pressure?
2. The periodic operation for ABC Treatment Systems takes approximately 168/hrs per week (143 hrs for operation, 25 hrs for start-up, maintenance and clean-up). Can the operation period be extended? If not, is a batch operation performed each week?
3. The operating pressure of the ABC Treatment System ranges from 1250-1617 psi. We wonder how the operating pressure is determined?
4. What is the oxygen content of the discharged gas after treatment? Is this amount of oxygen worth recovering? What is the temperature of the steam generated by the cooling water or the heat exchanger? Is it worth recovering the heat?
5. Could ABC provide more detailed information on cost analysis for our plant's future reference?
6. Was geology a concern when ABC designed the ABC Treatment System?
7. Because of the small piping and valving on the LBR, samples containing solids must be macerated and sieved to produce a particle size less than 0.32cm. How did you achieve that and how did you measure particle sizes less than 0.32 cm?
8. The ABC Treatment Plant generates 2280 tons of dried sludge per year. What is the water content of this dried sludge? What is the total daily sludge yield from the ABC Treatment Systems?

I hope that these questions will give you a clearer idea of some of the topics we hope to cover during the upcoming visit. I am looking forward to meeting you on August 28.

Yours sincerely,

2.7 Topics of discussion during technical visits (general areas)

April 9, 1982
Dear Mr. Kao,

I am a Senior Researcher at Union Chemical Laboratories, ITRI. My expertise is in the area of catalyst development. Planned trip My colleague Mr. Chen and I will be attending the 1993 North American Meeting of the Cayalysis Society to be held in Pittsburgh. While we are in America, we would like to take the opportunity to visit the ABC Research Center in San Francisco on May 7 (Following the meeting, we will fly directly to San Francisco). We would appreciate it if you could arrange a visiting program for us.

Topics of discussion We would like to discuss the following topics:
1. The function of ABC's software in catalysis application.
2. The performance of ABC software in Zeolite analysis and how to use the software.
3. ABC software analysis of organometallics.
4. How to use your software to estimate the layer distance of pillaring clays.

Please let me know if it is convenient for us to visit on May 7. If so, could you arrange for a our of your facilities? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,
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