Proposals for technical visits

2.1 Proposals for a technical visit (regarding product development)

March 3, 1994
Dear Ms. Smith,

Acknowledgements and enclosed information Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry regarding the UNEP working group on sustainable product development. I was also pleased to learn of your interest in WEIC, Taiwan. Enclosed please find a presentation document that may give further insight into the "Industrial Waste Minimization Information Service" Project.

From your press release, dated February 15, 1994, on the new UNEP working group on sustainable product development, I learned much that I'm sure will prove beneficial to waste minimization efforts in Taiwan.

Current problem and efforts to solve that problem Rapid economic growth in Taiwan has brought more than seven million tons of municipal waste and thirty million tons of industrial waste annually. To alleviate this threat, the government, the industrial sector, and various research and technology organizations are working together to achieve sustainable product technology. Many researchers have recently focused their efforts on the study and implementation of life cycle assessment, clean technology, and 'polluter pays' policies.

Proposed visit I am pleased to hear that a new working group on sustainable product development is to be established. At this time, I am keenly interested in visiting Dr. Jones and his staff to learn of all the operational aspects involved with this program. I would like to arrange for a ten day technical visit to your department and other pertinent places this upcoming May. Accompanying me would be Ms. Chang, an engineer with China Technical Consultants, Inc., and Mr. Liu, Director of the Bureau of Solid Waste Control of the EPA R.O.C. (We will cover the expenses). If this visit is agreeable with you, please notify me which dates are convenient for you. A suggested itinerary would also be most appreciated, i.e., discussion time, plant tour schedule, accommodations. I look forward to your reply.

Also, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has been quite successful in assisting the industrial sector develop better waste minimization practices. Mr. Lee, Deputy Chief of the Seventh Division of the Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA in Taipei, can clarify any questions you might have regarding these activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.


2.2 Proposal for a technical visit (regarding program development)

January 26, 1994
Dear Sir,

You may have already received my letter dated November 30, 1993 concerning the Waste Exchange Information Center(WEIC) here in Taiwan. Program introduction I am pleased to inform you of a long-term environmental project that is being undertaken at WEIC. This long-term program, " the Industrial Waste Minimization Informational Service," has been sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) for nearly three years. WEIC is a non-profit subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Insititute. The goal of the long-term program is to provide relevant information in the practice of industrial waste minimization. This is a service made available free of charge to all interested organizations. Major activities Our major work includes the publication of a bimonthly waste minimization magazine, facilitation of waste exchange, and accumulation of commercialized waste minimization technologies. The results obtained from this program have helped expedite environmental protection efforts in Taiwan.

The global scope of the program and the need for cooperation We recognize that ensuring continued success of this program necessitates that we observe and understand similar works in your country. Waste minimization is a global trend and your country already has much experience in this area.

Proposed visit I would like to arrange for a visit to your facilities. If this is agreeable with you, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

2.3 Proposal for a technical visit (regarding laboratory development)

July 28, 1994
Dear Mr. Jones,

Your position and role in laboratory development in your organization I am a research engineer in the Division of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL). UCL is a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, which is a non-profit organization that receives partial government funding. I am currently involved in a project aimed at establishing a laboratory that will examine phase equilibrium in VLE and VLLE, as well as study the characteristics of the different types of packings and distributors used in distillation columns.

Previous reference and discussion topics during the technical visit Professor Liu from Virginia Institute of Technology recommended that we visit your renowned institute and find some time to discuss our needs with you, and learn of some of your own related experiences. Therefore, we hope to visit your laboratories in the latter part of August. Also, we are interested in purchasing some publications, especially the FRI Tray Design Handbook and the Design Practices Handbook, as well as various audiovisual materials.

We would greatly appreciate your advice regarding this proposed visit, or any suggestions as to our itinerary. Cooperative nature of the visit We hope that this visit will open doors for further cooperation between our two organizations. Thanks for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

2.4 Proposal for a technical visit (regarding technology development)

October 21, 1993
Dear Scott,

Delay in response and why Apologies for the delay in response to your fax. Things have been quite hectic since I was recently transferred from the Polymer Compounding Department to the Polymer Additives Department (which is a part of the Specialty Polymers Division at UCL, ITRI). However, my research focus has remained the same: conductive polymers for electronic applications. Other polymer additives, such as processing aids, flame retardants and inorganic fillers are also a primary concern of my research activities.

As you heard from Mrs. Smith of XYZ Corporation, I am going to the United States for business next month. Propose a technical visit I would like to visit the Special Carbon Black Division(or the Technical Center) of ABC Corporation/Massachusetts. Nature of the technical visit To my knowledge, carbon black is a multi-functional additive and its function spectrum can range from a plastic to that of a coating. As is well known, ABC Corporation has the R&D facilities needed to produce good quality diverse carbon blacks. In fact, UCL is the only research institute in Taiwan where carbon black is studied.

How the technical visit can meet your organization's needs We need to enhance our knowledge of carbon black in terms of chemistry, characterization, processing and application (e.g., ESD protection, wire and cable, coating, and UV protection). Such knowledge would also benefit our customers, many of whom are manufacturers. Therefore, I would like to discuss this matter with your engineers and possibly exchange study results. I would be most appreciative if you could arrange a visit to ABC Corporation. My tentative plan is to visit ABC on September 19.

Cooperative nature of the visit I hope that this trip will strengthen the ties of cooperation between our organizations. I am open to any suggestions you might have regarding the itinerary or any materials you would like me to prepare prior to my visit.


2.5 Proposal for a technical visit (regarding technology development)

January 19, 1993
Dear Dr. Chang,

Previous reference Dr. Lin of Basic Pharmaceutics Research, ABC Corporation recommended that I arrange a tour of your production facility. Commend their organization's achievements ABC Corporation is recognized as the global leader in developing, producing and marketing transdermal drug delivery systems. A plant tour of your facility should therefore be an educational and enriching experience. It would be much appreciated if you could arrange for me to observe your production line during my stay at ABC on March 19, 1993.

Your role in technology development at your organization I am responsible for coordinating novel drug delivery R&D projects at Union Chemical Laboratories (UCL), a subsidiary of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). ITRI is a government established non-profit research organization located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. UCL mission is to develop key technologies to upgrade the ROC's chemical industries (including the pharmaceutical industry) and establish new strategic industries in Taiwan, such as biotechnology. The novel drug delivery system has been identified by the ROC Government as one of the most promising products that will be developed at national level laboratories, such as UCL. Intentions for future collaboration In light of these concerns, we hope to collaborate with your organization in the near future.

Scheduling constraints I need to finalize my trip itinerary by February 5, 1993. Your speedy reply would therefore be most helpful (Please bear in mind that the week-long Chinese New Year holiday starts January 21). I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a Happy New Year!

Yours Respectfully,
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